Autumn begins

Wearing Zara denim dress and bag, Massimo Dutti combats, random leopard bracelet, family gold bracelet, Topshop belt and Soya Paris Jacket.
Photos by my husband Marc.

I love the beginning of Autumn, the smell of rain, the "ooh-it's -getting -chilly" feeling you can just throw on a jacket. Personally Autumn/Winter seasons are my favourite, I feel I can dress up much better, with a cool jacket, boots, scarf etc. I love the whole layering, which is  a little hard to do in summer when it's over 35ÂșC. 


  1. Love this look! Autumn perfection - this jacket is awesome, especially the metal detailing. I like how the boots look worn and beaten up like they have a story behind them! Super cool :)

  2. Stumbled upon your blog and I must say I love the way your outfits look on you. Especially this love the green jacket i'm so into these now. I'm now following!
    xoxo (hugs & kisses till next time)

  3. Thank you!:) I will make sure to check your blog out too:)