Eid - Kaftan

Wearing Kaftan from Morocco, H&M cuff and Zara heels.
Photos by my husband Marc.
Happy Eid everyone! After a lovely afternoon with the family and couscous lunch I decided to go take some shots of this kaftan I bought in Morocco a few months ago. Kaftan shops in Morocco are amazing, I could stay in there for hours going through all the different styles, the different materials and patterns. The nicest part was watching this old man sitting in a corner on a tiny wooden chair hand-making these enormous yet so gorgeous belts, I just felt like sitting on the floor next to him and observe his art. The detailing of these dresses is stunning, it's like every single stitch is made with love. 


  1. Absolutely breathtaking! It's so unique and the shape is so beautiful! Love it!

  2. Beautiful!!!

  3. Mabrouk El Aid too. Lovely Kaftan. Where did you but it, if you don't mind? All the best to you.