It's all so quiet, it's all so still...

Wearing Oysho shorts, Zara belt, shoes, Calvin Klein clutch, Uterqüe necklace and Chanel sunglasses.
Photos by Marc and myself.
El Auditorio de Marbella is somewhere I haven't been for years. It's kind of nice to drive up and see Marbella from up there, it's all so quiet and still as if it was a painting. Just another beautiful and very warm day, with perfect views of Gibralatar and North Africa, it almost makes you want to swim over. 

A walk on the beach

Wearing Zara dress, Uterqüe wedges and Céline sunglasses.
Photos by my husband Marc.

Just a random Thursday afternoon walk on the beach...

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Abandoned grounds

Wearing Zara dress, Carel shoes, Céline sunglasses, Uterqüe scarf, flee market bracelet and Dorothy Perkins clutch.
Photos by my husband Marc and myself. 

Marc was helping a friend move yesterday and he passed by an unfinished development that looked quite interesting, so since he told me about it I was eager to check it out.

It's on the way to Estepona, a small road barely noticeable from the highway. We drove around the supposed-to-be complex and decided to go get a closer look inside. The place has the whole foundation but no doors nor windows, it is completely abandoned. Im pretty sure this urbanization would have had a good selling potential at the time but as many constructing projects on the coast, it probably didn't have a license, so it's just there now.

As we were investigating the premisses I kept hearing something squeak, something upstairs, which directly made us think there was someone living there. I honestly got quite scared and felt like I was in a horror movie but in cool way, in a "I'm-the-main-character-so-nothing's-going-to-happen-to-me" kind of way. After every picture taken I would look behind me and look around to make sure there was no strange man with a rifle claiming he had lived there for years wanting to kick us off "his property". I'm thinking the squeaky noise might have been a rat and I thank God I didn't see it.

Whoever was in there after it was abandoned was quite talented because some walls were covered in pretty good graffiti.

This would be the perfect place for a halloween party or a little gathering; lit candles and scary-story- tale all night (not that I would).

Definitely not a place to go wander alone at night, but today was fun. 


Massimo in Benahavís

Wearing Massimo Dutti suit, Zara shoes, Chanel glasses and mother's vintage clutch and belt.
Photos by my husband Marc.
Going to Benahavís at 2pm is probably not the smartest thing to do in the middle of August. The heat is insane. It was sort of a ghost town when we went (which was kind of cool to have the town to ourselves) as lunch time and siestas are sacred in Spain, specially in the south, which is completely understandable because it is way too hot to be out. 

As I was walking around I could see all the little white-walled houses with their canopies opened, I just imagined how cool and fresh it must be inside. 

Unless you are willing to melt, the best time to go to Benahavís in summer and really enjoy your stroll is in the evening when it's nice and cool. The town is renowned for its amazing restaurants, so dinner there is definitely a good plan.

Till next time 


Endless road

Wearing Topshop dress, Uterqüe wedges and Mango sunglasses.
Photos by my husband Marc.

So it's Monday again... The weekend passes by way too fast in my opinion, 2 days are just not enough!

Today Marc and I decided to go for a quick photo shoot around our area and I have to mention how thankful I am to him for always willing to pick up the camera and shoot photos of me and my outfits.  I hope it will last!

I hope you all have a good rest of the week, only 4 days left till the weekend! :)

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Cloudy Sunday

Wearing Topshop pumps, ASOS blouse, DIY shorts and Mango bag.
Photos by my husband Marc 

Today was one of the cloudiest days so far this summer in Marbella. I honestly wouldn't mind a bit of rain, just for one day, just to clear out the stuffy air we've been having.

As I didn't have much to do today, I decided to play dress-up and go to a kids park:) I hadn't been on a swing for years, I forgot how much fun it was. I felt like i was 6 again, without a worry in the world. Well I had one, how to stop and get off the swing. I was kind of scared to put my feet back on the ground... (and honestly, also scared to ruin my heels!).

So, that was pretty much my Sunday, nice and chilled...

Happy beginning of the week 

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