La vie en rose

Wearing H&M jeans, kimono and cuff, Zara top, belt and sandals, Mango glasses, Algerian silver ring, flee market turquoise ring, family vintage bag and Portobello Market bracelet.
Photos by my husband Marc.

I hope you're all having a great weekend! 


Starry days

Wearing Zara top, blazer, pumps and belt, Topshop skirt, Calvin Klein clutch and Céline sunglasses.
Photos by my husband Marc.

Black and white, one of my many new obsessions. Being tired of all the overdone colour blocking of the summer, I am happy to be back to neutrals, blacks, whites, nudes, greys, camels, oh camels my all time favourite. That said, I still might block some colours once in a while so do not take my word for it, it all depends on my mood:)

At first I was going to wear this outfit with black ankle boots and a bright coloured bag, just to give it "that touch", but the weather is just too nice in Marbella, I mean way too nice and extremely unstable. The moment I put my foot in the boot I thought I was going to die of heat, yes, 32ºC. So please Weather, I am ready for the change, no storms or anything drastic,  just drop about 10ºC-12ºC, just so it's cold enough to comfortably wear a leather jacket, it doesn't have to be coats just yet. Thank you.

Is it just me or is this week totally flying by? Yay!!! 



Wearing Oysho denim shorts, Zara belt, blazer and boots, H&M cuff, family vintage clutch, Chanel sunglasses and Simorra blouse.
Photos by my husband Marc,

I am totally feeling the end of summer and the whole back to the routine and reality and I'm not loving it much. Every beginning of September I go through this weird phase where I just want a big change in my life and that usually involves traveling. I hope I can plan a little escape in the next few months.

As for the weather, it's so unstable at the moment which  makes it a little confusing as to what to wear. I've come to the point where I don't want the wear summer clothes anymore, I am ready for the good stuff, jeans, big wooly jumpers, leather jackets, coats, tights. The way it looks I think I'm going to have a little longer for all that though.

Have a great Monday!