Leather + Denim

Zara skirt and heels, H&M denim shirt, Stradivarius necklace, Céline sunglasses and family vintage clutch.
Photos by my husband Marc.

Leather + denim: total obsession. It's just so wrong that it's so right. Leather used to directly remind me of winter  when it came to clothes, but not anymore. I love how it can be matched with pretty much everything and bring a lighter feel to it by pairing it with something simple and casual such as denim. The mix of leather which is sort of edgy and heavy combined with cotton, denim or even something as delicate as silk or lace is exquisite.

So Iv'e had these Zara heels for a year now and  I've still never worn them until today (I tend to do that). It was kind of a love/hate relationship, I was never really sure about them but I've come to the conclusion that I do indeed love them and  they are now making their way up to the top of my list. I've never really been into frills and tassels when it comes to shoes in general but these work for me for some reason. 


  1. Very cool look! I have that skirt too. Check out H&M just bought a pair of soft leather shorts from there. I so know what you mean about the heels I buy things and then they lay in my closet until I get used to them and then I am like ok now I like you. I love your shoes different but very Isabel marant and with a twist! X

  2. oooh tres cool!
    that pleated leather mini looks fab on you and loving it with that denim shirt~ and fab shoes indeed!
    xoxo Diana