Cloudy Sunday

Wearing Topshop pumps, ASOS blouse, DIY shorts and Mango bag.
Photos by my husband Marc 

Today was one of the cloudiest days so far this summer in Marbella. I honestly wouldn't mind a bit of rain, just for one day, just to clear out the stuffy air we've been having.

As I didn't have much to do today, I decided to play dress-up and go to a kids park:) I hadn't been on a swing for years, I forgot how much fun it was. I felt like i was 6 again, without a worry in the world. Well I had one, how to stop and get off the swing. I was kind of scared to put my feet back on the ground... (and honestly, also scared to ruin my heels!).

So, that was pretty much my Sunday, nice and chilled...

Happy beginning of the week 

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