Abandoned grounds

Wearing Zara dress, Carel shoes, Céline sunglasses, Uterqüe scarf, flee market bracelet and Dorothy Perkins clutch.
Photos by my husband Marc and myself. 

Marc was helping a friend move yesterday and he passed by an unfinished development that looked quite interesting, so since he told me about it I was eager to check it out.

It's on the way to Estepona, a small road barely noticeable from the highway. We drove around the supposed-to-be complex and decided to go get a closer look inside. The place has the whole foundation but no doors nor windows, it is completely abandoned. Im pretty sure this urbanization would have had a good selling potential at the time but as many constructing projects on the coast, it probably didn't have a license, so it's just there now.

As we were investigating the premisses I kept hearing something squeak, something upstairs, which directly made us think there was someone living there. I honestly got quite scared and felt like I was in a horror movie but in cool way, in a "I'm-the-main-character-so-nothing's-going-to-happen-to-me" kind of way. After every picture taken I would look behind me and look around to make sure there was no strange man with a rifle claiming he had lived there for years wanting to kick us off "his property". I'm thinking the squeaky noise might have been a rat and I thank God I didn't see it.

Whoever was in there after it was abandoned was quite talented because some walls were covered in pretty good graffiti.

This would be the perfect place for a halloween party or a little gathering; lit candles and scary-story- tale all night (not that I would).

Definitely not a place to go wander alone at night, but today was fun. 

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