Comme les garçons

Wearing my husband's Zara shirt, Zara boots, DIY H&M denim shorts and scarf, Michael Kors bag, flee market bracelet, Mango ring and Céline sunglasses.
Photos by my husband Marc.

Today was one of the those days when you think "Ok, I have nothing to wear". As I was walking around my apartment trying to think of an outfit I passed by a chair with one my hubby's many light blue shirts on it. I have to admit I have always been attracted to men's clothing, I just love it and the simpler the better. So when I tried the shirt on I was thinking "Ok I'm keeping it". I just find men's shirts on girls very sexy/ chic and effortless, the oversized garment is just yummy. At first it kind of looked like "The walk of shame" outfit, so to not make it seem that I paired the shirt with some DIY H&M shorts, ankle boots and my beloved Michael Kors oversized bag. Ooh and tied the flowery scarf on the bag for a little touch of coulour.

This is probably the most comfortable outfit ever. 


  1. My favourite so far! I love it chic and simple but with a tough edge! Very tempted to start rummaging through alex's wardrobe, going to blame it on you!

  2. Vraiment mon style, j'ai une chemise à peu près similaire et je l'ai déja porté comme sa, vraiment ton sac en plus et tes low boots ^^ <3