Vintage tasting

Vintage is special, delicate and beautiful, in general. I must say there are things that are not really for me. I like warehouse vintage, special pieces with their original tags and many time custom made... more valuable. I am not a big fan of wearing second hand garments, unless it is a unique piece of attire. As for bags and accessories i don't mind but it has to be a special designer model that is not made anymore.

The awareness, acceptance and demand has increased dramatically since the 90's. Celebrities and models such as Kate Moss, Julia Roberts and Chloe Sevigny were one of the first ones to fall in this vintage fashion wave which then conquered the entire fashion world.

What makes vintage what it is, is the fine materials that were used. Many of the unusual fabric types are no longer manufactured.  Vintage is also a historical statement, an appreciation of the past, the roles of previous generations and the skills of respected designers.

The detailing is admirable, hand finishing, unusual buttons that can't be found nowadays, hand embroidery, handmade lace, crochet, beading and other techniques. 

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