Paris je t'aime

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Wearing Zara top, belt and blazer, Topshop leggings, Moschino bag and Chanel glasses

Paris, my hometown, known as one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world, "la ville de l'amour". Paris is beautiful all year around but especially in spring and summer, the architecture, the parks, the avenues, the monuments all seem to stand out more with the clear blue sky.

Les Champs Élysée, Place Vandôme, Rue Montorgeuil, Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Rue Monceau...C'est magnifique! With the sun shining on the city, parisians are more joyful, although their lives are the same, still the same stress and rush but it all seems to go away due to the beautiful weather. Cafés and bistros are busy with people, "un café s'il vous plait", reading a book, chatting along with friends, or just people-watching while the parks are filled with sunbathers, book-readers and picnikers. 

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  1. I feel for Paris the same way as you do! Glad you started this blog.. will make sure to check it out regularly :) xx