C'est la vie, c'est l'amour, c'est la mode

Hey there, so this is my opening post for my new blog. I have been meaning to start this for a whiiiiile but things kept coming up..(you know what i mean) ok fine, i kept on procrastinating!

I absolutely love fashion, as thousands of people around the globe, and i just want to share a few things; styles, colours, patterns, street fashion, designs, art etc. that really catch my attention through out my day to day life.

Marbella, where i live at the moment, is a town in the South of Spain, beautiful and sunny nearly all year around, well almost, right now it's pretty much freezing :S, a lot of people call it, the California of Europe.  It's amazing because its blue sky, sunshine, beaches, warm starry nights and its party scenes. The food is so good and the people are so kind, very mediterranean, always helpful, a bit slow at getting things done but it has its charm. Mañana, mañana...

Having studied graphic design has made me realize that it is not for me, yes i wish I would have realized that sooner, but what to do?... After working in different fields for the past 6 years, i have decided to go back to studying, to study what i have always wanted to do, fashion design. I absolutely love it, although I find myself  a little stuck at the moment, motivation and inspiration wise, but i guess these things happen.

Having lived in big cities such as Paris (where i was born and raised) and London, i really miss the people interaction, the noise, the colours, regardless of the grey weather..i even miss the pollution! Yes, i know, very weird.. May Marbella's air be too healthy for me? Is that even possible? 


  1. You can complain as much as you want...but I won't let you leave Marbella :)

  2. Well Samia I love the site - blog - not sure what you call it. And I enjoy seeing your inspirations but will we also get to see your own fab creations. That dress you made for Nathalies wedding was STUNNING. You should be selling girl !!! and the one for Olivers wedding was fab too. I loved the colour and style. Hope there are plenty more to come. xxxx kim - sorry it looks like its from fiona - my mum as I am on her comp. but its Kimberley

  3. Thank you Kim!!! Yes I will post my creations, but with time my darling, with time..;)